Apex Aircraft Detailing has been providing detailing services to individuals, flight departments, maintenance facilities, FBO’s, and fractional ownership companies for over a decade.

Our attention to detail and total commitment to our customers is always the top priority of every job. We pride ourselves with perfection and our ability to provide the aviation community with a worry free solution for their aircrafts aesthetic needs.

Exterior Dry Wash

Apex Aircraft Detailing offers an environmentally-friendly Dry Wash and Wax, as opposed to a wet wash, which contaminates runoff water.

The term Dry Wash is in reference to our non-use of water. A Dry Wash is accomplished through the use of approved chemicals by means of a spray bottle and removed with microfiber towels. The Dry Wash removes all exhaust, bugs, and contaminants from the exterior surfaces of the aircraft.

The entire exterior surface of the aircraft is then waxed to restore and protect finish.

Dry Washing & Waxing allows Apex Detailing to be 100% mobile with our cleaning endeavors. Wherever you can fit your aircraft: we can clean it. We have no need for aircraft wash stations.

Gear Well / Flap Well Cleaning

Aircraft gears and gear wells take a constant beating from day-to-day flight operations: abuse by water, dirt, bugs, ice, rocks, and grease. Apex Aircraft Detailing is fully equipped to clean the gears, gear wells, and flap wells of any size aircraft, leaving nothing but clean painted and mechanical surfaces.

Exterior Machine buff and polish

Machine polishing is recommended for paint that is oxidized or faded. This restores and seals the paint for protection and helps to reduce parasitic drag. Once the aircraft is machined buffed we then hand polish the aircraft to bring the high gloss finish back to the paint.

Brightwork & De-Ice Boots

Apex Aircraft Detailing pride ourselves on our ability to restore any brightwork surface to a mirror finish. Brightwork polishing not only keeps your aircraft looking new but also protects against corrosion.

The aircraft is first prepped by covering all painted and glass surfaces with tape and plastic. Then the bright work is machine-cut and polished with a variety of pads and compounds until every flaw is removed and a smooth, leaving a beautiful mirrored surface.

Strip and Seal De-Ice boots

Strip and reseal pneumatic boots to restore to a glossy shine. This helps to protect the boots and lengthen their lifetime.


Total paint refurbishment and sealed with Xzilon to protect and restore that freshly painted look.

Complete Interior Detail

Clean and disinfect all surface areas, cockpit, galley and lavatory. Clean and condition all leather seats, vacuum, polish metal plated fixtures, clean windows and mirrors, carpet spot clean or extraction.

Interior Cleaning

Your aircraft's interior is a representation of your care and attention to detail. We tailor our interior cleaning to match your desires.

In the instance of a quick turn or any circumstance where time is a factor, our cleaning is focused around wiping down all woodwork and glass surfaces for fingerprints and dust through the entirety of the aircraft; removing trash; and a thorough vacuuming.

When time is not a factor our full interior detail cuts no corners or leaves any stone unturned. We clean and sanitize every surface, nook, and cranny of the cockpit, galley, lavatory, and passenger seating. A full detail also includes deep leather cleaning and conditioning of the seats. Finally, a full interior is not complete until the carpet has first been vacuumed, treated for stains, and then extracted with a commercial grade extractor.

Carpet Extraction

Aircraft carpets take on a heavy toll from passengers and the elements alike. Apex helps you combat these forces with commercial grade carpet extraction, removing traffic marks and stains restoring the carpet to its like-new appearance.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Aircraft passenger seats are one of the most expensive investments in any interior. As such, the cleaning and conditioning of your seats' leather is a vital step towards the upkeep of your interior.

Seats are first cleansed removing all dirt, stains, and oils then are treated with leather conditioner, restoring their original lust.


Protect your aircraft's interior, trunk, and ventilation system against harmful germs and microbes.